Why Ecuador? Because You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Retire Luxuriously

For many Social Security is a large part of their retirement. And with the average U.S. Social Security check averaging $1,181.60 a month that doesn’t go far in the US. But in Ecuador, those funds easily allow you to live like a king and not a pauper. Here you can enjoy things like dinners out, a housekeeper a few days a week, even little vacations.

Ecuador has been ranked #1 for a retirement destination in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 by International Living. They used many factors in determining their choice and included such things as government, stability, currency, infrastructure, roads, living expenses, and cost of food to name a few. Pathfinder International, Live and Invest Overseas, Barefoot Wanderer, Escape Artist and others also came to the same conclusion that Ecuador is #1.
” Ecuador is the #1 Retirement Haven in the World for 2012. It boasts great weather year-round… a US-dollar-based economy… top-notch medical care at one-fourth to one-tenth the cost in the States… a retirement program that will save you thousands of dollars a year… and a low, low cost of living. “(Source:International Living)
Ecuador offers top rate medical services at a fraction of the prices you find in the States. The doctors are well-trained and you can find private clinics that offer the highest levels of care and services. Health Insurance plans are available for less than $40 per month with GREAT coverage.

A visit to a doctor’s office without insurance would cost around $25 while an overnight stay at a hospital would cost $35.

Dental is so cheap it is not even worth talking about. For example, a friend told me that in the US it cost him $200 to repair 2 teeth. The same 2 teeth in Ecuador cost him $30 including x-rays!

Do you think $1.03 per gallon for diesel or $1.49 for gasoline will break the bank? And with prices like this you will enjoy seeing this most beautiful country and all it has to offer.

In Ecuador natural gas is a big deal. It runs your water heater which is typically tankless [on demand.] It can also run your cooktop and oven and can also run your dryer. You may even want to use it for cooking on the grill. But don’t worry. It is so cheap you will laugh out loud [LOL] because it is only $2.25 for a 40 gallon tank. Not a 20 gallon tank like in the US. And the price includes delivery!

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 12.54.09 AMYour typical meal consisting of a shrimp soup, fried fish, rice, plantains, and a salad will cost you a whopping $2.50. This price includes tax and the tip! And remember… you are eating THIS meal on a Pacific Ocean beach!

Want a beer with that meal? It will cost you a whopping $1.25 for one that is 22 ounces.

With prices like this you may never cook at home again. But, should you decide to cook at home you can have organically grown fresh vegetables and fruit delivered direct to your doorstep.

It’s nice to know that unlike Central America and the Caribbean, Ecuador is completely out of Hurricane paths.

Ecuador is right on the equator and stays around 80-85 degrees on the coast the entire year.
Ecuador is only a four hour flight from Miami.

Even if you are not ready to retire but just tired of working like a dog, Ecuador may just well be the perfect place for you. We have met many people who want more quality family time.

When we ask their kids how they like Ecuador, the response is unanimous… we love it here. They tell us they have many friends and like not getting picked on like they did in the US.

The parents are just as equally excited because they don’t have to worry about the children being safe here in Puerto Cayo.

Once you visit here you will witness family units doing activities together. It is not like in the states where the kids never want to hang out with their parents. In Ecuador the family unit is VERY strong.

In Ecuador, depending on your spending, a couple can live very comfortably on less than $1000 per month. And a family of four can live like a king on $1500.

You can afford to eat out when you want, get a beer with every meal, and never have to worry about lifting a hand for anything because you can hire a full-time maid for around $200 per month.

And, there is no way to put a price on TIME!

Reconnect with your family, and spend real quality time together. Come and experience what a “stress-free” life can feel like.