Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Although Ecuador is on the Equator, the climate is very moderate. Due to the ocean currents and wind patterns, the temperature ranges from 75 to 90 throughout the year. During certain seasons, the temperature can be as low as the mid 60s and at other times may reach 95 or slightly higher, but these temperatures are rare and don’t last long. Ecuador does not receive any hurricanes or large storms on the coast. November thru May is considered the summer months with full sun, higher temperatures, and incredible sunsets.


The laws are constantly changing, but at this time, you can get a resident visa by “investing” $25,000 and an additional $500 per each dependent. This investment can be made by purchasing land or a home. You can also purchase a C/D in one of the National Banks. The C/D is held to secure your Visa.

The current interest rate is around 7–8 %. The C/D can be set up to deposit your monthly interest into a checking account. So you not only get your Visa, but you get a monthly income of over $150. There are other Visas available as well. We suggest you contact an attorney with immigration expenses. We can assist you with a recommended attorney.


The US Dollar is the official currency of Ecuador. There are Banks/ATMs in most cities. You can open a bank account, here in Ecuador, with your passport. Credit Cards are accepted, although you will receive a discount for paying in cash.


Ecuador offers top rate medical services at a fraction of the prices we find in the States. The doctors are well-trained and you can find private clinics that offer the highest levels of care and services. Health Insurance plans are available for less than $40 per month with GREAT coverage.