Keith & Becky (Cape Coral, FL USA)


Hello everyone, we are Keith and Becky from Cape Coral, Florida. We have enjoyed owning waterfront homes from Lake George, N.Y. to Cape Coral, Florida, most of our 34 years of marriage. We have two adult sons, Hunter and Blake, living in Florida. We started planing to live abroad about two years ago. Costa Rica and Panama were our leading destinations until we took a long look at Ecuador. We took a leap of faith and sold everything we owned in the U.S. and acquired six month visas and arrived in Ecuador last June.

We immediately fell in love with this country! The wonderful proud people, the cost of living, the high quality health care, and the topography are second to none! No-where else in the world can you drive from your pristine Pacific oceanfront lot, to the snow-capped Andes Mountains with seven active volcanoes, to the Amazon Jungle, all in one long days drive! We love nature, waterfront, the mountains, the jungle and so many things about this wonderful country already! We are explorers and very adventurous.

In traveling the Pacific coast here three times, we found Puerto Cayo to be a quiet gem. Gary and April are creating not only a fantastic small development, they are creating a wonderful home for themselves and their family and we are glad to be one of their future neighbors. Although, we found several fantastic lots for sale on the central coast, our main de lima for us was weather we wanted to own a stand alone property that would require a complete wall and private security when we were not home or a gated community where inside, obtrusive, walls are not needed. After discovering Gary and April's small, high quality, and unique development on one of the finest beaches in all of Ecuador and close enough to everything needed, we knew instantly that it is the perfect blend for everything we were looking for, for an oceanfront home. The sunsets and mountain views alone, are an amazing beauty that we will enjoy for the rest of our lives here. The real gemstones that wash up on the beach are a secret bonus! We look forward to meeting all of our future neighbors!

Morgan & Annette (Kelowna, BC Canada


Hello, we are Morgan and Annette. We are both Canadians and have lived in Kelowna, British Columbia for the past 20 years. We have been together for 25 years, married for 16 of those years. Morgan is a concrete finisher and has done some renovation work as well. Annette is an insurance agent specializing in home and auto insurance; she has been in this line of work since February of 2000.

We both love the spring and summer in Kelowna, but the winters seem to drag on too long and we are looking to get away from those long winters. We came to Ecuador with this in mind and wanting to explore our options. This was our first visit to Ecuador and we enjoyed seeing a new culture. We were only in Ecuador for a short time and both agree that we need to stay for a longer period of time to determine whether this will be a full time or part time home.

Gary and April graciously took the time to explain all the details of the Las Palmas development. Once we arrived at the development, we knew that this was the place we wanted to build our home whether it is a full time residence or winter get away home. We look forward to seeing the future progress in this area and are excited to see what the future holds for us.

Vincent & Susan (Naples, FL USA)


Hi, Vincent and Susan from Naples, FL. We were eighth-grade sweethearts that re-met at our 30-year class reunion in 2007. We married in 2011 in Montego Bay, Jamaica at Sandal's Resort. We have been looking for a haven outside of the states for five years.

We researched many countries and travelled to some and then our journey brought us to Ecuador. We knew this was this end of our journey. Great infrastructure and miles and miles of beautiful coastline on the Ruta del Sol. Gary and April, proprietors of Las Palmas, were so generous of their time and attention in showing us the surrounding area and answering all of our many questions related to ecuadorian life. We feel confident in their capable hands. Gary's building experience and his ingenuity of house plans is extraordinary.

The beach property is absolutely beautiful with miles of private beach for running, walking and pure enjoyment. The property is tranquil with the pacific ocean before you and the mountains behind you. We feel our prayers have been answered.

Ken & Sue (Pensacola, FL USA)


Hola folks!

We are Ken and Sue, presently living in retirement on the water near Pensacola, FL. We have four children between us, all married and living successful lives spread around the USA—from New Jersey to Utah, and Texas to Georgia. Between them, we also have six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Oh, and we have three Bichon Frieses that are our joy.

In the past four or five years, we have talked about finding a tropical get-away for retirement. We did a lot of reading on places like Costa Rica and spent a lot of time talking about how nice it would be to have a place on the beach. It turned out this was a good year to make the leap, and when we found the recommendations for Ecuador as a destination, we started searching in earnest. Eventually we found several places that looked promising as an Ecuadoran destination, including the Las Palmas community. We spoke to Gary on the phone and were impressed with his warmth, candor and enthusiasm. We decided Las Palmas was our key target.

At the beginning of August, we flew to Ecuador and after a few days in Quito we flew to Manta where Gary arranged our pick up for travel down the coast to Puerto Cayo and Las Palmas. Starting from our pick up at the airport and continuing until we left the next week, we were made to feel totally welcome. We were treated royally by the entire staff at Los Suenas, the resort next to Las Palmas where we stayed. Everyone we met—Juan, the driver, Carlos who runs the restaurant and cooks wonderful shrimp, Maria who brought us coffee on the veranda, Miguel, who kept track of our needs—all treated us like old friends.

Our plan was to visit Las Palmas and then spend several days scouting up the coast toward Crucita, San Vincente and points north. We never made the scouting trip north. Our criteria for a landing spot in Ecuador were all satisfied by the Las Palmas community being built by Gary and April. It had a near perfect match to our long list of acceptance criteria for a home: a modern home plan we could afford on a pensioners budget, a lot only 300 or so feet from the Pacific Ocean beach, a dog friendly and safe environment for our three Bichon Boys, easy access to beach side restaurants and tiendes in Puerto Cayo, and just enough distance from the big city of Manta to feel like we were out of the rat race but close enough to get critical medical and other services met.

We bought lot 38 and agreed on a house design and budget in less than 24 hours. And we are wheels up for Ecuador on 31 October for our Las Palmas adventure.

Come on down, folks. The days are 12 hours long year round, the beach is clean sand, the water is fine, and we think the living will be easy. Thanks Gary! Thanks April! And thanks to Peyton and Carson too!

The beach property is absolutely beautiful with miles of private beach for running, walking and pure enjoyment. The property is tranquil with the pacific ocean before you and the mountains behind you. We feel our prayers have been answered.

Steve & Dana (Jonesboro, AR USA)


We are fast movers, but our transition to Puerto Cayo has been uncharacteristically fast, even for us. As a journalist, I've never believed everything I've read, seen or heard ... so after a year of studying Ecuador, I needed to see for myself. Dana and I are fun-loving, adventurers and entrepreneurs. We found that Cayo met all our requirements.

The people (both locals and expats from around the world) are wonderful, the diverse beauty of the country is magnificant, the cost of living blows me away, and business opportunities exist everywhere I look. It's a cliche', but it's too good to be true, and so we knew we needed to act quickly to get in on the ground floor of what would perhaps be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We bought land with a spectacular view, chose a home plan, and began a new time of dreaming - and we are VERY average people. Because of their hard work, integrity and attention to detail, the team at Las Palmas have become our trusted friends. We're eager to complete our home this fall, make our transition and pursue a life of evening sunsets and business opportunities.

Danny & Kathy (Washington USA)


Hi, we are Danny and Kathy. We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in February. We live in Washington state. Our hobbies have always been of a competive nature, skiing in the winter, dirt bikes and golf in the summer. When retirement finally became reality we took to the Internet and found Ecuador. After months of researching we decided this is worth a trip. So in April, with our son and daughter in-law in tow, we were off to the coast of Ecuador for six weeks.

We started at the town of Salinas in the south and went as far north as Canoa. We saw Las Palmas on the 5th day of our trip, it immediately went to the top of our list as a place to spend the rest of our lives. After looking at numerous properties up the coast nothing came close to the experience we had at Las Palmas. Obviously, the beauty of area, deserted and very clean beaches, warm water, are very nice but what sealed the deal was dealing with the owners, Gary & April. There vision of a small and safe community on the ocean is the same as ours. The planing that has gone into this development has been superb. Every detail has been addressed.

Last but not least is the incredibly low price of this property compared to all other developments we look at. On June 2 we purchased the first part of our dream. Our house will start soon..

Joe & Jenny (Illinois USA)


We are Joe and Jenny. We are from Collinsville Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. We have 6 children between us. Twins, Nick and Dan, at the University of Missouri=Columbia, studying Meteorology. Mike is at Illinois State University- Normal, studying to be a teacher and Jennifer is in Nursing school. The youngest two, Savannah, 15 and Caleb, 10 are still at home with us.

We are both Registered Nurses and work at a major hospital in St. Louis. Jenny was a Paramedic before becoming a nurse and Joe was a firefighter/paramedic before becoming a nurse.

We had been on several Caribbean cruises and really enjoy being outside, in the water. Now that it is getting close to the time to retire, we started looking for a place to retire.

At first, we looked for a retirement home in the Caribbean, but the prices, the cost of living and the hurricanes made us look elsewhere. We were up late one night about 2 years ago and stumbled on Ecuador. After doing alot of research on line, we choose Ecuador to live. When we arrived in Ecuador,for the first time, in March 2011, Ecuador chose us also. We were on the coast for 3 weeks and did alot of house hunting. That was when we found out, to get what we wanted, we needed to build. So, when we returned home, we went to work trying to find the perfect lot for us to build our dream home on. That search led us to Gary and April.

We were in touch with Gary via emails getting the details of their project and in August, 2011 we made our way to Puerto Cayo and bought our dream property. We found the project to be just the right distance from town, not too far, not too close.

We can't say enough great things about Ecuador, Puerto Cayo and the people who live there. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. We made friends everywhere we went. The cost of living there is very appealing and the calmness and peace that comes over you when you are there is amazing. We were so relaxed and felt great physically and spiritually, while we were there.

We plan on retiring in 2-3 years and moving to Puerto Cayo, sooner if at all possible. The whole process has been pretty painless so far. Gary and April have given us all the information possible and led us through the buying process.

Thank you, Gary and April, for all that you have done for us.

See you in June 2012,
Joe and Jenny


Cliff & Linda Beltz (Washington USA)


Hi, we are Cliff and Linda Beltz that reside in Gig Harbor, WA, near Seattle. We have been married 29 years and love to ski and kayak surf.

Cliff is a Physical Therapist specializing in Out Patient Orthopedics. Cliff graduated with a BS in Physical Therapy from SUNY Buffalo.

Linda is the Director, Technology Partnerships for Weyerhaeuser, where she works on collaborations to turn sustainable, forest biomass into bio-based products, fuels and energy. Linda graduated from the University of Washington with a BS and PhD in Engineering, as well as having completed Executive Education in Business from Kellogg School of Management and Louisiana State University.

We are very excited about the possibility of living at Las Palmas in the future. In exploring Ecuador as a retirement haven, one "must have" was surfable beach front.

As we explored much of the Ecuadorian coast, we became disillusioned with the price of lots, quality of homes or lack of availability of beach side lots. We began thinking that Ecuador was not for us. As we had driven the Ecuadorian coast, we came over the mountains to the lovely town of Puerto Cayo (the only town I had taken a picture of!).

Puerto Cayo has the benefit of being close to Manta for stores/banks and potential Physical Therapy jobs for Cliff, but it still seemed pretty small. We heard about Gary and April in Puerto Cayo and wanted to talk to them about expat life in Puerto Cayo, not knowing they were developing Las Palmas. When we finally met Gary and April and saw the Las Palmas project, we knew right away that God had lined all this up.

Gary and April went out of their way to help us and the friends traveling with us. They are honest, straight-forward, creative people, who are interested in creating a haven for expats in Puerto Cayo and neighbors for themselves. Lot 5 (the one we have a contract on) is perfect - on the beach, in a gated community (important for security for us) and large enough for our future home and garden.

As a bonus, Gary builds to US standards and is able to design and build the home we want. It is apparent that building is in Gary's blood, because when we discussed potential designs, Gary got very excited and had alot of good ideas. We are very excited about someday building in Las Palmas and look forward to being able to experience the friendship of other expats and be able to surf right outside of our back door!



I have spent 7 months out of the year for the last 4 years purchasing/preparing/sorting & exporting Coffee out of Jipijapa, Ecuador. During this time I have looked around for a little piece of paradise on the coast of Pto. Cayo. I saw many different places but decided to purchase in Las Palmas because it encompased everything I was looking for - security, organized building codes, underground utilities, pool, tennis, club house and great neighbors!!!

Thanks Gary & April for making this place happen!

Maria & Evan


Hi we are Maria and Ivan , and have 2 sons Nick, age 22 and Richie, age 21, and our dog, Mickey the Cavachon. We currently live in Lawrenceville, GA.

I watched House Hunters International one night and saw the episode of Gary and April moving to Puerto Cayo from Cuenca. When I researched online about Puerto Cayo, I came across Las Palmas and fell in love. I emailed Gary 2 days later, and found out he was in Atlanta on vacation, and agreed to meet , I knew it was my destiny to meet him and buy something there, fulfilling my lifelong dream of having a home on the beach! We met on that Friday night , and had a great time together and agreed to continue our conversations via e-mail.

My best friend's brother lives in the big city of Manta, 50 minutes away, and went to visit the site and check it out for me and decided on buying a lot as well since he liked it so much. Another friend of mine bought 12, and 37 and I am buying lot 7. My Friend Grace and I will fly down the second week of December to meet with several America couples that have purchased and will be there visiting as well. I can't wait!!!